Ethan Senger's music is a testament to his exceptional talent as a musician and a storyteller. His unique ability to blend poetic lyricism with soulful melodies sets him apart in contemporary music. With "Standing Still," he showcases his growth as an artist and promises an unforgettable listening experience for his devoted fans and newcomers alike.” - Natalie Patrick


“Standing Still” highlights Ethan’s amazing vocals and musicianship, providing every note an emotive resonance with listeners. Combining his impressive guitar skills, Ethan creates a haunting sonic landscape which draws us deeper into his song’s emotional depths, transporting us on an emotionally gripping journey.” - Karen Harding

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“Standing Still” by Ethan Senger is an enchanting track that leaves a profound imprint on the soul. The mix of indie pop rock and raw expression creates a content listening experience for anyone in search of authentic and emotionally rich music.” - Rubin Mathias

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'Standing Still' is the song is a beautiful pop rock with Ethan Senger's subtle velvety vocals. The great guitar arrangement sounds live, drawing us into the depth of the lyrical texts. The original motif of the song with a charming vocal melody makes this track a real hit. ” - Indie Music Dock Blog

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However, the true centerpiece of Standing Still lies in Ethan Senger‘s exceptional vocal performance. His voice effortlessly captivates listeners, gliding through each note and infusing the track with raw emotion. With impeccable control and articulation, he showcases his range and versatility as a singer. Moreover, the cleverly implemented back vocals enhance the catchy choruses, adding depth and texture to the already compelling composition.”

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